CRAFT AUTOWORKS Portable Kitchen System


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CRAFT AUTOWORKS Portable Kitchen System

The Craft Autoworks Portable Kitchen System (PKS) is a prebuilt, fully stocked, ready to use unit that allows you to go from stowed to cooking a meal in seconds. Perfect for Trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers that need an easy to use, durable kitchen without having to dig through bins.


Running water with removable sink and fold down faucet
Quick connect shower/sprayer attachment
GasOne Butane/Propane Cooktop
Molle Panel with 3 storage bags
GSI Spatula, Tongs, Large Spoon, Santoku Knife and 8” Frying Pan

GSI Plates, Cups and Utensils for 4
GSI Cleaning pad, rags, pan scraper and cutting boards
Quick connection hose to included 5 Gallon Jerry Can
SAE to Cigarette outlet connection for 12v power


35.5” x 18” x 10”

43 Lbs

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