Vanspeed Diesel Hot Water Heater System


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Vanspeed Diesel Hot Water Heater System


– Webasto TT Evo 12v Truck Kit
– Vanspeed Furnace Mount
– Laval Heat Exchanger
– Heat Exchanger Mount
– Hardware Kit

Fitment: 2014+ Sprinter 144/170/170 EXT

Description: This is the fastest and easiest way to get hot water to your sprinter while utilizing resources the vehicle already has on board. Pair our heater kit with your sprinter to utilize the heat from the coolant to produce constant hot water while doing it very quickly from start to finish. This kit can be installed in under a day and come with all of the necessary hardware and parts for a complete installation. The only part that is left up to the customer is the hookup of the freshwater cold and fresh water hot, it is set up for ½ sized hose but can be accommodated for other sizes as well. This system will only produce hot water, if you are looking for hot air as well check out the Webasto ST2000 (Link Heater), these two pieces pair perfectly together to give you all the comforts while camping in the winter.

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